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Editing With The Templett App


Open in a desktop browser only, the Templett app is not available on mobile devices. Just click on the template that you want to open in the templates pane one the left.



To save changes to your template, click on the 'Save' button in the top menu bar.



(Click here to practice putting a photo behind a 'frame' as outlined below)

 (Click this link to practice framing a photo as described above) 



PDF for print, JPEG for print, PNG for web sharing 

PDF: To download a high quality PDF of your template for printing click the Download button and then click PDF. You can choose whether you want trim marks or not. If you are sending to a professional printer, they probably will not want trim marks on it. You also have a Save Paper option. This will fit as many templates on a page as possible to help you save paper. It's great if you are printing at home. Click here to see a visual tutorial.

JPEG: To download a print resolution jpeg of your printing click the Download button and then click JPEG. You can choose whether you want a full bleed or not. If you are sending to a professional print shop, they will probably want a full bleed.

PNG: To download a PNG image of your template for web use, click the Download button and then click PNG. This option is good for sharing on the web. All geofilters are downloaded as PNGs for you to use in your own geofilter account.

The time taken to download a file depends on your internet speed and the size of the file, for example a poster at 24x36" with large illustrations will take longer to download than a small 8x10" sign with a simple graphic on it.



Printing at home

For templates 8.5 x 11 inch or Metric A4 (or smaller), printing at home is perfect and cost effective option. Here are some tips:

1) Be sure your printer is set to 100% and borderless in your printer dialogue box so it prints at the correct size. Sometimes the 'scale to fit' option is automatically selected). 

2) Do some test prints on cheap paper first to ensure your print settings are correct before using your expensive card stock.

3) The colors seen on your monitor may vary slightly when printed on paper. Test print one copy first.

Printing at a bureau

You also have the option of taking your PDF or JPEG to a print shop and getting it professionally printed. Any print shop should be able to handle the JPEG or PDF . These files download at 300dpi which is the standard for professional printing.



Your intended use of the template will ultimately determine what kind of paper you print it on but in general we recommend printing on at least 65lb card stock or higher, and for invitations and cards we recommend at least 110lb. There are many different weights of paper  and card for your needs.



If you want to create more pages with similar content, eg place name cards or individual table plans, you can simply duplicate the entire page with the small button to the right of the document. Bear in mind though if you have too many pages in one document download times may be very slow especially if there are illustrations in the design. In this case we recommend using 'Save As' with separate file names. For instance if you have 36 table plans, edit the first twelve and save the file as 'Tables1-12.pdf' in a folder, then edit the next twelve and save them as 'Tables13-24.pdf' and so on. 

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